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At Rockwerx, our goal is to provide superior quality products to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our Custom Climbing Wall System (Geodesic Design) is the premier wall in the industry. If you want more flexible route setting options, unmatched durability and a great looking, superior and multiple climbing surfaces on your wall, our custom wall system is what you’re looking for. We like to say that if you can imagine it, we can build it. Each project is custom designed in cooperation with each client.

So what is Geodesic design? Geodesic describes the geometry of curved surfaces, and what makes our walls different than most is that though we start with geometric shapes, our mesh seaming and texture process creates a more fluid, unified look and feel. Once a design is finalized, geometrically shaped steel panels are fabricated and installed much like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. These sections are placed on a superstructure independently engineered for each project. Each section connects to unify the total design. Simple triangles, rectangles, and trapezoidal shapes are transformed into dramatic arches, caves, arêtes, dihedrals, spires, cracks and stalactites. Rather than create a more formulaic paneled look, our substantive concrete texture forms more rounded edges and an aesthetically seamless design.

To go a step further than a custom look, we offer our customers a custom feel by being the only manufacturer to put a concrete rock like (GYM ROCK) texture next to an “aggregate based texture” (GYM ROCK LITE) next to each other on the same wall.  This allows for limitless route setting options and a more diverse climbing environment.



Our 4’x8’ flat modular panels are the perfect solution for straightforward designs on a budget. The panels are easy to install and attach directly to your wall, meaning they take up next to no space. Modular panels are perfect for school gymnasiums, playgrounds, auditoriums, and homes and can be installed in a few hours either by maintenance staff, a local contractor, or our team of professionals. These panels can be aligned vertically for roped climbing or horizontally for traversing.  Our modular panels have even been taken down the highway!

Traverse walls are great for younger children. Modular panels are mounted side-by-side creating an 8’ high horizontal wall. Children can then climb across the wall, allowing for lots of participation and eliminating the need for gear or equipment. To get the most out of your traverse wall, we recommend installing a minimum of 4 panels (for a 16’ long wall), the average wall runs 10 to 12 panels or 40-48’ long.

Modular vertical walls are lots of fun for older children and adults and are a fantastic addition to middle schools, high schools, small gyms and recreation centers. The 8’ tall panels can be stacked 2, 3, or 4 high, offering up to 34’ of climbing height. Climbing walls encourage team building and problem solving and are a great way to foster physical activity and allow participants to take on new challenges. If you’re looking for a higher wall or a more dynamic climbing experience, check out our custom climbing wall system. We have a few different types of textures and looks available to suit your interest and budget, such as Gym Rock Lite, Custom Mural, and Sculpted Gym Rock climbing panels. Worried about buying holds as well? Don’t sweat it as we include 15 holds with every panel purchased!  If you want to know more information, give us a call today at (978) 355-6400 or click request a quote.