Bridges Rock Gym – El Cerrito, CA

Project Name: Bridges Rock Gym

Date: 03/02/2009

Client: Bridges Rock Gym – El Cerrito, CA



Bridges Rock Gym is a place for rockclimbers, slackliners, and fitness enthusiasts to convene in a fun and energizing environment. With 18 foot high top-out bouldering, a dedicated slackline arena, yoga, free weights, cardio equipment and more, Bridges has something for everyone.

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Bridges offers monthly and annual memberships, as well as single and multi-day passes. We provide discounts for students and families.  Bridges is located in a quiet neighborhood at 5635 San Diego Street, just off Central Avenue at the border of North Albany and El Cerrito. We are easily accessible from Interstates 80 & 580. After years of searching for the right building, we’ve finally found it! A spacious 10,000 square foot warehouse will be the new home of Bridges Rock Gym. A historic building built in the 1940s, this was the second concrete tilt-up built in the Bay Area, and is likely the oldest still standing. With open bow truss construction, abundant skylights and 2 roll-up doors opening to the fresh air of the Bay, getting a workout in at Bridges will never feel like a trip to an ordinary fitness gym.

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We also offer birthday parties.  The fun will begin in our special childrens’ climbing and slacklining area. After the activities, the party will continue in our private party room, where there will be plenty of time for cake, presents, and celebration.

Slacklining is here!  In virtually all activities in life, balance is key. Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking. What’s different is the material. Slacklining is done on 1 inch-wide nylon or polyester flat webbing. What separates slacklining from the various traditions of tightrope walking is the movement of the line. Webbing is stretchy and bouncy. Advanced slackliners can perform an array of tricks on the line. From simple turns, to flips landing on the line – the possibilities are endless! Slacklining strengthens your core, as well as the tiny stabilizer muscles in your knees and ankles. It is excellent cross-training for any sport. Snowboarders, skiers, surfers, skateboarders, soccer players, you name it – everyone can benefit from a little time on the line!