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Our 4'x8' Modular Panels are perfectly suited for straight-forward designs on a limited budget.Installing our modular panels is fairly easy (most walls are installed in a few hours by the maintenance staff or local contractor) but you can also have our team of professional installers do the job for you. Each panel can be arranged vertically for a roped challenge or horizontally for a room-spanning traverse.

Traverse walls are common for younger children. Modular Panels are mounted side by side to create a horizontal wall. Participants climb across the wall. This type of wall allows for high through-put without the need for gear and equipment. We recommend installing a minimum of 4 panels (16' long) with and average wall running 10 to 12 panels (40' to 48').


Modular vertical walls are typically designed for older children and adults and are great for middle / high schools, small gyms and recreation centers. However, what if you are looking for a high level, roped climbing experience? As one of the leading rock wall builders, Rockwerx Climbing can design a variety of walls to meet your budget.

After choosing a vertical or horizontal wall, you can choose from 4 different panel finishes: Textured Paint, ROCKstar, 3D or Sculpted Gym Rock.

Our Textured Paint finish is a specialized paint applied to the wall's surface, offering durability and a lightly sanded texture. This popular finish looks great and is extremely affordable.

The ROCKstar panel texture is the strongest performing texture on the modular panel market. We use a proprietary blend of aggregate, epoxy, and paint to ensure that each panel will last longer than it's competition. This finish offers great texture and friction and is guaranteed to maintain extreme durability for several years. These walls are perfect for any school or organization that might see more than a hundred kids a week climbing on the wall. Our ROCKstar panels are going to make YOU want to climb! This finish offers great texture and friction and is guaranteed to maintain extreme durability. A typical application is a school or organization with aclimbing wall for children that might see use by more than a hundred kids per week.

3D panels, as the name implies, offer a lot more climbing options than just grabbing onto the climbing holds. Our 3D panels are hand crafted to provide climbers with unique features not found on typical walls. Bulging shapes and in-cut cracks allow climbers to experience the real experience of outdoor rock at a fraction of the cost. If your wall is going to be in the public’s eye, we suggest this finish, as it looks spectacular.

Our modular Gym Rock takes panel quality and durability to another level. A special two-part surface texture is applied, stamped, and painted to provide an incredible looking finish. More importantly, this texture has amazing feel for climbing. The granite-like material provides excellent traction for smearing and edging techniques. The texture itself is a two-part application of blended polymers and cementitious products. This texture is specifically engineered for climbing, and is designed to be quite flexible while appearing and feeling very rigid. The texture is stamped with micro features molded from actual rock, and closely resembles flat granite. The surface looks great, and climbs even better.

No matter which orientation and finish you chose, our modular panels are the finest in the industry. Every panel is made from high quality 3/4" plywood with a laminated face to provide a seamless finish. We attach a threaded connector (T-Nut) to the back of the panel that allows for the climbing holds to be bolted on. Other companies hammer in a pronged T-nut that can push or twist out over time. We attach every T-nut on our modular panels with two screws - eliminating this problem.

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