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Geodesic Shapes  (Wood)


Pyramid:  3' x 3' x   8"           $275.00  

                  (length x width x height) 


The simplest, most inexpensive of our shapes, the Pyramid has three symmetrical sides, and is perhaps the most versatile.  It offers enough terrain to make a flat wall more exciting, but is also small enough to fit into tight spaces, and the most affordable option.  This feature is great for making vertical or traversing climbing more interesting, and also nice to add to more extensive walls in roofs or “dihedral” formations.  The Pyramid has 9 distinct t-nut placements.






The Arrow:  3’ X 3.25’ X 10”      $325.00   


The Arrow is one of our newest geo shapes, with 2 sets of identically opposing triangles, and 12 t-nut placements spread out over each of the four sides.  Like the Trapezoid, this shape protrudes almost one foot from the existing wall.  The unique shape creates a small arête where the largest triangles meet, and offers numerous options, depending on the rotation – even small holds, when used on the top surface, will become much easier to grab than on the standard vertical wall.


The Catalyst:  3’ X 2.5’ X 8”      $350.00

With 5 distinct sides, The Catalyst geo shape offers a high degree of versatility for handhold placements, while still having a relatively modest profile overall.  Each angle is slightly different, with a variety of placement possibilities, creating numerous options for interesting movement over handholds, simply one  geo shape alone.  The Catalyst has 17 t-nut options in total, and if used on vertical or slab terrain, provides just enough texture at the mid point for the geo to be grabbed as a large arete, or sloping handhold.


The Trapezoid:  3' x 3' x 10"       $330.00 


The next size up in our geo shapes has four sides, with more options for bolt-on holds - a total of 15 t-nut placements.  The Trapezoid is slightly larger than the Pyramid and protrudes almost one foot from the existing wall, yet allows for easy traversing movement around the shape.





The Slipstream:  6.5’ X 1.25’ X 9”       $430.00 


An aerodynamic looking rectangular shape, the Slipstream is a unique variation of the geo concept.  Long and narrow, this shape can be used to create interesting climbing variations, on one side of a wall, for example, without taking up too much space.  The Slipstream has 16 distinct t-nut options, and is large enough to climb on, on its own, making for interesting and fun routesetting options.











The Triangle:  4' x 3.5' x 1'          $395.00 


Like the Pyramid, the Triangle has three basic sides.  The smallest side can be oriented to create a short “overhang,” or if, reversed a “mantle,” with the two longer sides extending to form a short “arête.”  The various positions possible on this geo shape create a diversity of interesting route setting options, with 19 distinct t-nut placements available.





The Diamond:  6' x 4' x 12"        $430.00 


Like the Trapezoid, our largest geo shape, has four sides.  It is big enough for kids to climb solely on the feature, and because of its size, offers numerous options for changing the type of movement over the wall.  There are 30 distinct t-nut placements on this feature, and the profile extends one foot beyond the wall. 



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