USAC Northeast Sport Climbing Divisionals, 2011... Climbing Wall Built By Rockwerx!

A short film about indoor climbing featuring Paul Robinson, Sasha DiGiulian, Vasya Vorotnikov, and Ashima Shiraishi. Presented by Central Rock Gym in Worcester, MA, Rockwerx, prAna, Teknik, and e-grips. "There's an infinite number of movements that can be done in the climbing gym..."

Thresh Hold Climbing & Fitness Centers. Promo Video

Movement member Paul Robinson wanted to set a route. His first. He wanted it to incorporate some of the techniques he experienced while competing in  a World Cup this past season… things like smearing on large features and tricky hand sequences. At the same time, he wanted the route to be a grade that would see a lot of traffic – something around 5.13. After setting him up with tools and a few tips on rigging, he was set to go.

Impressing us all, Paul was able to get the route up in a respectable amount of time and with little assistance from the rest of the setting crew. Now in terms of whether or not he was able to hit his intended grade of 5.13? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out!

P-Robbed from movement on Vimeo.

Movement Climbong and Fitness being built 

Construction Progress from movement on Vimeo.

 Rockwerx, So iLL, and Cryptochild ..... it has to be one of the sickest collaborations in the climbing world.... these volumes are sick.

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Check out the Rockwerx facility, staff and some of our work.

 A short video from Movement Climbing + Fitness. Theres some great shots of the Rockwerx road crew putting the final touches on the climbing wall.... If your not familiar with Movement check out their website here.

Our exemplary 3D CAD design allows our customers to view there project in a 360 degree view.  Once complete we can email the files immediately and you can download a free viewer program from the web which will allow manipulation of the image.  Through this detailed process, we help our customers reach a complete understanding of the scope of work and efficiently make any changes before the project is underway.

Central Rock

Click HERE to take the animated tour of Movement Climbing + Fitness. We hope you become as excited as we are about this gym. Inside you will see a scaled version of the club that will give you an idea of the overall layout.

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