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Managing Your Climbing Gym Has Never Been Easier

Running a commercial climbing center is hard work. Keeping tabs on all your different types of customers is challenging, and you need the right tool to keep your facility running smoothly. Many people think you can operate a climbing gym with health club software, but climbing gyms are not health clubs, and trying to operate your climbing gym with health club software will be frustrating, inefficient, and costly.

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Rock Gym Pro has been designed with one goal - to make your life easier.  It was created by the owner of a climbing gym, so we feel your pain and understand your needs.  Not only will it make your life easier, it’ll save you money.   

Design Goals

  • The business drives the software, not vice-versa!
  • Easy, easy, easy to use!
  • No extra stuff that climbing gyms don’t need.
  • Prevent data entry mistakes, particularly with regard to the critical membership information
  • Seamless integration between the POS and Member Management
  • Flexible and easy membership freezes and thaws (our members LOVE how our freezes and thaws work, and the software enables us to offer this flexibility). Our ability to offer Freeze flexibility SELLS memberships.
  • One click monthly billing
  • Automatic enforcement of membership details on Check In
  • Minimal training requirements for staff members to learn system
  • Reduce dependency on dedicated staff members (i.e. do away with Membership Coordinators, etc.). Any staff member should be able to complete a membership sale!
  • Fast and simple reporting so you can keep control of the business


  • Member Management
  • Billed and Prepaid Memberships
  • Guest/Day-Use
  • Monthly Billing - Credit Card and Check Draft
  • Membership Freezes and Thaws
  • Member Account History
  • Reporting
  • Email List
  • Employee Management
  • Timeclock
  • Designed to Reduce Mistakes!


  • Integrated credit card processing and swiping via X-Charge
  • POS/Membership Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Gift Certificate Sales
  • Speed Buttons
  • Fast Product Lookup
  • Transaction History
  • Designed For Speed! 

Check In

  • Unattended Check-In
  • Scanned Barcodes
  • Name Lookup
  • Popup Notes
  • Account Balance Warnings
  • Waiver and Belay Policies
  • Audible Enforcement
  • Designed for Enforcement!  

More Screen Shots

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  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Network connection between workstations
  • Internet connection from at least one computer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer

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