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Climbing is an excellent recreational activity for young and old, and for decades climbers have been building “home gyms” all over the world to climb for fun or train to improve.  Though we are recognized as one of the major builders of the largest commercial climbing gyms in the country, we also like to build projects big and small for those of you wanting all the enjoyment of climbing for fitness or fun, in your back yard, basement, garage, or right in your living room.

Customized Residential Projects 

At Rockwerx, we take our expertise in designing and constructing high-end commercial climbing walls and apply that knowledge and the quality of a superior finished product to residential spaces as well.  We have had many residential customers over the years that have contracted us to build relatively simple training facilities in their homes.  Many clients have found our custom real rock themed wall solutions as the best possible product as an exciting and aesthetic architectural piece in their home or office as well.


Dream homes are a place of comfort and inspiration for all of us.  We want to create the most appealing place to live, and for some that may include state-of-the-art swing-sets and pools or elaborate recreational and fitness rooms in our homes.  Sometimes the climber in us wants something more and Rockwerx can build your dream climbing wall wherever you wish – whether right inside the house for climbing 24-7, or in that perfect spot on your property – a real home crag!  We’ve worked extensively with private residential architects and builders and have years of residential contracting experience ourselves.  Give us a call and tell us what kind of dream wall you envision and we’ll make it happen! 





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