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We’ve been so busy for the past five years building climbing walls all over the United States, it’s easy to overlook the fact that we are an international brand, with the ability to complete projects worldwide.  In recent years, we have designed and built multiple climbing walls internationally, nearby in Canada and Mexico, but also as far away as Israel and Turkey.


International standards for construction vary greatly throughout the globe.  Our construction methods exceed the industry guidelines in the US, where we have led the development of concrete-textured walls since our inception as Solid Rock fifteen years ago.  Our walls are designed and engineered to the highest standard, pre-fabrication is an elaborate process performed in-house by a construction team with decades of experience, and we ensure that any out-of-country shipment and assembly conforms to regulation.  Call us at our toll free number 877-595-4155, or email us with specific questions about your climbing wall concept – we would love to help you create a unique project in your home country!


Our Advantage:  Texture and Function 

While many competitors’ walls throughout the globe may achieve the visual goal of mirroring real rock in appearance, our Natural Rock walls achieve not only the aesthetic aspect, but the functional as well.  The sculpted and textured finish of our walls does not have the hollow feel of fiberglass or a wood shell with a thin concrete coating, but feels just like being at the crag.  And with Gym Rock, our best product for commercial climbing wall applications where function is most important, climber’s can feel the same sensation of smearing or pressing on real rock, while having the greatest degree of freedom in movement.  If you are thinking about a commercial project internationally, we hope you will consider these advantages from what you may have seen before.

Reaching to New Ground with Flexibility 

Throughout Europe, where the majority of commercial climbing walls have been built with plywood or fiberglass finish paneled systems, two decades of climbing wall construction has remained relatively static.  At Rockwerx, we’ve worked in all types of wall systems, from basic plywood panels to fiberglass forms, or to our leading products, Gym Rock and Natural Rock concrete, and we are always refining our products and experimenting with new ideas.  We can build walls in various construction types to meet your needs, whether to establish the greatest design freedom or remain within cost constraints.  No concept is too big for us to consider.  For the same reason we all love climbing, we love building climbing walls and exploring new ideas – the challenge brings us to places we have not been before, and we use our strength in experience and love for adventure to get us there.



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