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Oversized Bouldering Mats 


Most injuries in climbing facilities occur during short falls onto inadequate or improperly placed padding systems, which result in twisted or sprained ankles.  While many mats may have the substance to absorb the fall, if a climber falls with one foot in between pads, or on the edge of a thick pad – injuries will often occur.  These new Oversized Bouldering Mats are the new wave of bouldering protection for climbing walls, and intended to minimize ankle and foot injuries.  They offer the thick foam landing surface for higher falls, but with a soft cushion landing to absorb the shock of even shorter falls.

The 8 inches of foam absorbs the fall while the tapered edges help immensely to prevent injury.  The vinyl coating of the Oversized Bouldering Mats allows for a more comfortable landing, easy clean up of chalk or dust build up, and make the mats easier to slide around a climbing gym. 


Dimensions: 8' x 8' x 8"  

Price $925.00

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