Sculpted Rock

A Merger between Form and Function

At Rockwerx, we are interested in what you are interested in – if there is something you want to see built – we can build it.  Over the years, we have constructed countless walls with our Gym Rock product, for commercial and recreational facilities alike, and still many more Natural Rock walls for those customers that really want the look and feel of real, textured rock.  With continued interest from our customers in a natural looking product that would also offer the greatest degree of flexibility in terms of functional options for climbing – we decided to further develop a Sculpted Rock finish for our walls.


Features, Rock Formations, and a Refined Texture Finish

Our Sculpted Rock product is designed with featured corners, arêtes, overhangs and natural rock artistic touches throughout.  The difference is that we design the walls with larger areas of open and flat surfaces with a simpler finish more like that of our Gym Rock, which also provide excellent options for the placement of more modular handholds.

As with all of our products, we can do customized texture colorations, crack installations, and other custom features depending on the specific desires for the look and feel of your wall.  While Natural Rock walls are designed specifically to be climbable in many variations with the natural features only, our Sculpted Rock walls may still allow natural possibilities but also encourage climbing on paths that may move from modular hand and footholds through the use of featured portions of the wall for foot smearing, edging, and small handholds.

Affordability with Substance

The primary advantage of Sculpted Rock is that you can get the primary look of Natural Rock throughout much of your climbing wall, at a percentage of the cost.  For similar square footage of climbing terrain, the cost may be as little as one-third of the price for Natural Rock.  And the options for design remain nearly limitless.  We can build Sculpted Rock for outdoor or indoor walls, and in various forms such as towers, pillars, and arches, as seen at camps, schools, and recreation and fitness centers.  We can also blend areas of your wall design to incorporate sections of Sculpted Rock connecting to Gym Rock or Natural Rock.  Call our toll-free number or just send us an email to discuss the options – let’s hear your ideas!


















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