The Complete Climbing Product  

The climbing wall itself, composed of steel, plywood, finished texture, t-nuts, and fixed anchors, is the foundational aspect of a comprehensive product offered to customers or participants.  When the construction of your wall is complete, the finished surface is then a blank canvas for the creative installation of modular climbing holds.  The placement of these holds, referred to as routesetting or coursesetting, is, ultimately what makes the climbing wall foundation a refined, complete product. 


If you are new to indoor climbing, you might think of this process as designating the route that helps climbers reach the top of the wall.  This can be done either with the intention of providing a simple and comfortable path for beginners to succeed, or a more challenging, technical line to be attempted by the most advanced climbers. 


If you’re an experienced indoor climber – you can feel confident knowing that our hold selection and routesetting options are designed to help you reach the specific goals you set for your wall, which may range from routes of grades 5.6 or 5.14, or specific routes set for beginners, kids, intermediate or high level training, or competition climbing.


Creating Movement… Creating Climbers  

The growth of indoor climbing and the ease of accessibility has meant an increasing number of new participants to the sport now experience climbing for the first time on artificial walls.  While a one-time experience climbing may be an end in itself, we see climbing as a positive, lifelong endeavor, and we hope you do too.  We want to help you create and maintain enthusiastic participants in the sport of climbing, which is ultimately what you need to do to succeed with a climbing wall operation. 


An individual’s first experience climbing plays a large role in whether they will return to try again, become regular participants, and perhaps members of your facility.  Along with professional customer service, the climbing routes are therefore the most integral aspect of your product that can create return customers.   When it comes to long-term customer retention, quality routesetting becomes even more important.  Accomplished climbers who frequent your facility may either be excited or uninspired by their experience, largely depending on the quality of the routes.


Routesetting Quality 

As discussed above, an initial challenge for a new climbing wall is to ensure that the entire climbing wall product is of the highest quality.  This extends to regular operations as well.  A new or experienced climber will enjoy their experience more, depending on the quality of the route they are climbing.  Route quality depends largely on the routesetters’ experience, knowledge of specific techniques and tools, and understanding of climbing movement.  An experienced routesetter can create interesting and challenging paths efficiently, in specific styles and grades of difficulty, all depending on the layout of the facility and the participants.


Whether through completing the entire process of initial routesetting (during which hundreds or even thousands of climbing holds are installed onto the wall), or assisting you through providing professional routesetting services based on the specific and scheduled needs of your facility – Rockwerx offers structured or customized routesetting programs with the most experienced professionals in the industry.  In order to help you maintain unique and effective routes for your market, we can come to your facility to provide routesetting training to your staff, or provide contract routesetting to perform a route renewal process at your wall.  It is our goal to help create the best product possible!


Please contact us to schedule routesetting for your climbing wall, or with any questions you may have.  Please also review our Climbing Hold and Climbing Wall Operations pages for related information.


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