Anything is Possible  

If you are a competition climber, you have to believe it.  The walls look all but blank, and the route you are challenged to send looks intimidating at best – but you have to believe it is possible.  At Rockwerx, we think the same way.  That’s the reason that out of all climbing wall builders, Rockwerx-built walls have been host to dozens of regional and national level competitions since 2000.


We know that most days of the week, our walls will be climbed on by beginner and intermediate climbers, but we like the idea of challenging the best in the sport as well, and our walls take that consideration seriously.  We see the growth of climbing and believe we can play a major role in showing new climbers what the sport is all about, and provide the landscapes for experienced, competitive climbers to reach the top of their game.  Levels of participation in competition climbing have grown enormously in recent years, and we aim to build walls that are ideal not only for commercial facilities accommodating hundreds of climbers on a busy night, but also designed with the competitive climber in mind.

The Competition Arena 

On the day of a competition, climbing facilities typically operate much differently than during regular business hours.  They open their doors to dozens, sometimes hundreds more people.  They accommodate climbers, spectators, and media alike.  Facility layout, overall consideration of competition space, and competition terrain design, are increasingly important for all new climbing walls.

Since the 90’s, we have worked with technically challenging terrain designs from leading routesetters like Christian Griffith and Mike Pont, and turned them into major climbing facilities.  We have designed bouldering and route terrain alike, knowing that at some future date, the best in the country or the world may be moving over our concrete formations.  From tall walls, steep arches, and bouldering top outs, we consider what the competition routesetter would do.  And from spectator-friendly mezzanines, open floor space, and entryways, we take into account the organization and management of events big and small.


Big Comps on the Best Walls 

Rockwerx walls have been host to major climbing competitions for years.  From Peak Experiences in Virginia to Edgeworks in Washington, Walls manufactured by Rockwerx, the leading climbing wall builders, have challenged the best competitive climbers from coast to coast. 


Our first major wall in the northeastern US, Metrorock, has become the leading competitive climbing host east of the Mississippi, holding the USA Climbing Junior Nationals (2005), USAC Adult Nationals (2006), numerous American Bouldering Series Regionals, and the recent Mammut/EMS Bouldering Championships held at both Metrorock’s Boston and Newburyport locations. 


And did we mention we have built perhaps the best freestanding competition boulder wall in the world?  Believe us when we say - if you have something in mind for competition climbing – we can build it.


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