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Outdoor enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike have seen the interest in climbing grow exponentially, and with it, recognition of the great benefits of climbing as fitness.  Research has shown, as a form of exercise, climbing burns calories at a rate comparable to other full body workouts such as swimming, rowing, and running. 


Rockwerx has followed the growth of the climbing industry into the emerging fitness center market for over a decade, building custom walls into existing and new facilities, to create unique opportunities for the community of people who love to work out.


Climbing Customized 

Often the greatest challenge in choosing to build a wall in a multi-use facility is how to create the adventure while maximizing use of space.  In a fitness center, every square foot matters, since varied equipment is used by a high volume of participants at any one time.  At Rockwerx, we will build to suit.  If you see a high demand for climbing at your facility from members, or in your general demographic market, we can build a wall that is a center-point of your business.  If you have limited space but want to create an exciting new feature as another fitness option, we will help you realize that goal without breaking the bank.


Build the Wall, Build the Community 

As with all sports and exercise, there are specific training methods and programs for climbing that can increase strength, stamina, and overall performance.  Our goal is not simply to build your wall, but to help you build your business and grow your fitness community.  We can provide you with detailed training and instructional classes that will help you learn about climbing movement, how to best operate the wall in your facility, and how to teach climbing yourself.  In addition, we can assist you in building entry-level work out programs for new climbers or technical routes and training practices for the advanced climber.  As with any fitness program, at Rockwerx we have a commitment to seeing you reach your goals.


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