Our Consulting Package is designed to educate climbing gym administrators on the industry and to provide entrepreneurs the tools necessary to secure funding for their climbing wall construction projects.

With the climbing market exploding, the creation of a modern climbing gym requires a tremendous amount of groundwork even before the first load of steel is delivered. Gone are the days when a handful of climbers would turn a truck full of 2x4s and plywood into a back alley climbing gym. Modern climbing gyms are real businesses that generate real profits. They provide specialized services like corporate team building and youth climbing programs, and they have to deal with real issues like taxes and workman's compensation audits. The best climbing facilities are run by experienced management professionals who understand their success depends as much on customer service as it does on quality route setting.

Starting Out

Most climbing gyms begin after someone visits a climbing gym while on vacation, or sees one on TV and thinks, "Why isn't there one of those in my area?" They begin doing research on other gyms, rock wall construction contractors, hold manufacturers, etc. Savvy prospective owners visit a number of climbing gyms, interview the owners, and evaluate each business, noting what each does well and lacks. Someone really serious about owning a gym will even compile demographic information on the local area and scout out an optimal location.Why are we so familiar with this scenario? Because that's how we got our start! We visited a climbing gym and 18 months later, built one of our own. Convincing investors that a climbing gym would be profitable was harder in 1994 than it is today, and more work than we had ever imagined!

 Our Experience

As a rock wall construction and consulting company, we realize that we can't start construction until the owners have the required capital and a signed lease. Since we are in the climbing wall construction businesss, it is in our best interest to get people from the idea stage to the "ready to build" stage as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Having talked extensively with hundreds of hopeful climbing gym owners in various stages of their research process, we learned that most have not done anywhere near enough research on the industry to begin to put together a business plan that would attract even a novice investor.  Our experience can help. 

Thinking back to when we first made the decision to build a climbing gym, the toughest information to find -- and the most useful in starting the business -- was a complete business plan that included marketing information about what works and why, and financial statements showing income and detailed, itemized expenses. 

Business Plan and Financial Statements

We wrote a successful business plan for our gym, and in the decade since developing our climbing wall construction operation, we’ve learned even more about this ever-evolving industry.  The business plan included in Rockwerx start-up consulting package is an updated version of our original plan, representing over ten years of research and experience, and an accurate representation of the industry.  It is an excellent resource for producing your own professional business plan and has already helped launch several successful gyms.   

"The business plan you provided was outstanding. It really is a tremendous package for someone with my plans and background. I'm glad I found you guys.   I've done a first-pass over the information and it has already got my mind thinking clearer about the direction I want to take with my gym."                                                

James Richardson   


 The business plan is by no means a finished work, and is not the only valuable resource we offer.  It contains the industry-specific information you need, but your own research on the demographics of your area and a location analysis is still required.  Beyond the business plan, the financial statements included in our consulting package are perhaps the most valuable of the resources we offer.  Income statements and actual operating costs from the gym we started and operated in San Diego, from July, 1993 through February, 1996, are included.  These financial statements show a complete history of detailed expenditures and revenue sources.  They are not only useful for showing investors the actual profitability of a climbing facility, but are also invaluable for projecting expenses and revenues for start-up projects.

"I've been getting some pretty nice comments from people regarding the business plan I developed based on your template.  One retired Accountant (business associate of my father) actually told me it was MBA caliber. So, thanks again for that head start. It's made a big difference."

To assist with other aspects of your project, we also include unlimited personal phone time in the start-up consulting package. We even encourage you to have potential investors call if they have questions about any aspect of the business. As gym owners and wall contractors, there isn't too much in this industry that we haven't experienced. We've helped key investors on several different projects realize that the venture would be a success.

Please call or email us at your convenience for pricing and more information.


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