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Threshold - Riverside, CAReady for a serious indoor climbing experience?  You've come to the right place.  Rockwerx offers a variety of options designed for high level climbing forums.  From serious home users to commercial climbing gyms, we have the solution.


Commercial walls designed for high end competitions and radical climbing are perfectly suited for our framed Gym Rock wall system.  Framed wall panels are supported by a steel infrastructure, allowing them to take on nearly any angle at any height.  These panels are finished with a simple, durable concrete coat that lets the wall's varying angles and climbing holds speak for themselves.  Bottom line…any gym with a framed wall will breed nothing but mutant-strong climbing beasts!


For the look and feel of natural rock, our Summit Rock system is simply unmatched.  Summit Rock has all the features and intricacies of the real thing – from cracks to arêtes to bulges.  Aside from being an ongoing challenge to your climbers, the shear spectacle of this system will draw attention from every person that enters your facility.  But that's not all!  For the ultimate in indoor climbing, our Gym Rock and Summit Rock systems can be built as completely freestanding features.


Ranging from 6 foot boulders to 60 foot cliffs, our designers and builders can craft you a wall of 360 degree climbing action.  Our freestanding walls are completely internally supported, providing the most realistic look and feel in the industry.  There is simply no better way to convert your wall into the literal centerpiece of your facility. 


If you are interested in adding an indoor wall to your institution or in building your own unique climbing gym, please contact Rockwerx today!



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