Security Mats

Security Mats serve three functions. They provide a padded landing surface when the wall is in use, secure the wall when it is not being used and provided a padded surface in case someone runs into the wall. Our mats are 4'wide, 6' or 8' high and 2" thick. The bottom of the mats bolt into any climbing wall. This keeps the mats from sliding out and does not allow for people to climb under them when the mats are up. The top of the mat clips into a clip and comes with a universal lock that allows you to lock it closed.  Every mat has a Velcro attachment to bond to the next mat. This creates a seamless surface. Mats include all of the hardware needed to install.

Purchase Price:

4' x 6' x 2" $225 ea plus shipping  

4' x 8' x 2" $275 ea plus shipping  












                                           4' x 6' Mats Shown 













black      navy       royal blue      forest green 

      Black           Navy Blue         Royal Blue        Forest Green

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    Yellow              Orange               Red               White


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