Pro Tile  

Resilient and Protective Soft Surface That Sets the Standard for 
Climbing Wall Surfacing!

Pro Tile has been developed, engineered and thoroughly tested, to offer superior fall protection for outdoors and indoors. 

This system offers the best durability and greatest fall protection we have ever seen.

With standard foam floors the elasticity of the cells can break down dramatically decreasing the effectivenss of the product.  Pro Tiles do not break down in fact the 10 year warrenty covers impact performance.



 Colors (Custom colors available)


      Ocean Blue            Turf Green           Terra Cotta Red              Natural Black

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Foam and Carpet Flooring

We also offer a bonded carpet and foam flooring that is extremely durable and safe. This flooring system is considered standard in the climbing industry.  Depending on the customers needs, flooring can range from the standard 2" thick foam and carpet or we can layer additional softer foam layers to create a 4" to 6" thick floor.


Our Bonded Flooring system begins with 16oz, high-durability carpet.  This is the strongest carpet used anywhere in the climbing industry, yet it is soft, with the touch of velour. The polyolefin fibers (pile, nap) are low profile and cannot be pulled out by velcro or overuse - a problem common to less expensive and lighter weight carpets. Similar products may look the same as ours, but don't be fooled by 10–14 oz. Brand X imitations. Lighter weight carpets simply do not provide the quality, durability, and performance a high traffic gym demands.

The Foam


Bonded underneath our high quality carpet is a state of the art closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam.  This style of foam is renowned for its shock absorption and resiliency. It's proven to substantially outlast non-cross–linked foam, as its cell structure will not breakdown under repeated compression. Other polyethylene foams may look and feel like ours, but without its unique chemical composition, they are unable to deliver the shock absorption and resiliency needed in a quality climbing facility.

The Bond 

Our Bonded Flooring system is available by the roll or by custom design. Rolls are lightweight, easy to install and well suited for gyms with straight-forward design and lower traffic.  Custom floor systems are usually used in commercial climbing gyms or where the climbing walls are more than 30 feet tall. Please call us for more information.


A critical and often overlooked element of high quality padded flooring, our bond sets the industry standard.  Before shipping to your facility, the foam layers are heat laminated to our famous needle punch carpet for outstanding durability and non–slip traction.  During this process the foam liquefies and the carpet and foam substrates actually become one piece, creating a permanent, virtually indestructible bond

Color Options 


          Black             Blue             Grey              Red              Purple

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Climber's Rock - Burlington, ON

                                Flooring shown in Grey

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