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There is nothing quite like climbing outside.  Whether on big walls in Yosemite or bouldering in Hueco Tanks, climbing in an outdoor environment is why most of us love the sport in the first place.  But getting outside to climb is not always that easy, and it may be that there are no climbing areas where you are located.  Rockwerx can change that!


Any Type of Climbing Wall


Perhaps you have an indoor climbing gym and want to add a new feature to the exterior?  Or you are looking to add a playground boulder to a park or outdoor mall, or even to your own backyard?  Maybe you operate a camp or recreation center that would like to build a freestanding outdoor climbing tower?  Or, if you are really bold – maybe you are looking to build the biggest freestanding climbing wall in the world?  Rockwerx has built a wide array of outdoor climbing walls and is always eager to help make the newest and most interesting projects come to fruition.



We Welcome the Challenge 

Though there are different factors to consider with exterior construction, such as foundation surface, weather, and wear, often times in fact we have greater flexibility with design and construction in an outdoor environment.  In our Design and Engineering phase, we will analyze all aspects of your conceptual build to ensure the highest level of construction in the desired environment, and incorporate a design that best suits your needs. 


Our Outdoor Walls are typically built with our Natural Rock product which is a synthetic concrete coated with a UV resistant stain.  We are able to create seamless wall surfaces that resemble real rock so closely - you will feel like you are on the real thing.  In addition, we can work with you to determine the best options for protective coverings if you want to be able to climb rain or shine!  Whatever your goal, we can help your project be realized.  Check out the detailed descriptions below and peruse our Galleries to see more of our Outdoor projects.



360 degree freestanding climbing towers have become increasingly popular for high-traffic recreational facilities, because they allow for a high density of climbers, create an exciting and artistically profound structure, and are among the most affordable options for an outdoor wall. 


Towers take up only a small footprint, but typically provide anywhere from 4 – 8 distinct climbing stations - optimal terrain for numerous climbers to participate at once, and often ideal for amusement parks, camps, churches, or military applications.  Also consider supplying a tower with Auto Belays for safe ease of use and high climbing traffic.


Private Residential Walls  

If you are a private customer interested in building an outdoor wall at your residence, we would love to discuss your ideas.  We can add a unique natural rock aesthetic to your landscape, incorporating water or other themes, and work directly with you to create an artful design inspired by the beauty of your home’s natural surroundings.  If you are interested in a technical outdoor training facility, our professional staff has decades of combined climbing experience that we will dedicate to the successful design and construction of your ideal wall.


Bouldering Walls

If you haven’t heard, bouldering is all the rage.  It is the simplest form of climbing for new users to try, and thus a perfect application for parks and recreational sites, public or home playground areas.  We can often build outdoor bouldering walls at a much lesser cost than taller roped walls, and still incorporate the most unique and creative designs that are fun to climb on.  Check out our Bouldering Walls section for a more detailed description of this aspect of the sport, and information on the best applications for installation.  Also see our Playground Boulders section for details on our new sculpted outdoor boulders.


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