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Climb Threshhold - Riverside, CABouldering is a sport of simplicity: an un-roped climber moves from hold to hold on walls from 8 to 16 feet high protected by a crash mat. Without the need for roped equipment, basic or extreme moves can easily be practiced & perfected.  The simplicity is part of its allure. Bouldering brings out the kid in every one of us: turning exercise into play, making learning fun.

Bouldering walls and routes can be designed to engage any group of climbers. Thousands of schools, summer camps and recreation facilities use bouldering as an educational tool, teaching problem solving, goal setting and Climb Threshold - Riverside, CAother self-esteem building concepts. At climbing gyms, universities and fitness centers, boulderers use the wall to build power, endurance, and agility, all while transforming their bodies into truly beautiful sculptures.

Unlike many other climbing wall manufacturers, and as with our vertical walls, we offer three different systems of bouldering surfaces:

Our Modular Panels are best suited for very low height (less than 8') traversing.  We can install our 4'x8' Modular Panels next to one another for a great room-spanning traverse.  This system is perfect for those with limited budget looking to introduce kids to climbing.  These panels are available in a variety of finishes and configurations. 

Gym Rock systems are supported by a custom designed system of steel beams, allowing them to take on nearly any angle and shape.  This system is perfect for gyms looking to challenge their climbers with aggressive, overhung terrain.  A bouldering wall made from our Gym Rock will convert new climbers into serious athletes without the bore of traditional training.

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If you want your new bouldering wall to resemble a true boulder, our Summit Rock systems are for you!  Summit Rock has all the features and intricacies of the real thing.  Aside from being an ongoing challenge to your climbers, the shear spectacle of this system will draw attention from every person that enters your facility.  

Bouldering walls are great for schools, climbing gyms, and fitness centers. You can use them to compliment your larger climbing wall, or use them exclusively where a climbing wall is impossible or impractical to build. We have installed hundreds of bouldering walls in schools, and built and operated some of the nation's most impressive commercial bouldering walls.   We can surely help you design the ideal wall for you and your customers. Contact us today!  We would be honored to help you design a bouldering wall that meets your needs, while staying within your budget. 



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