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.School rock walls represent the ultimate in alternative physical education.  Few other indoor phys. ed. activities can be as empowering, challenging, and exciting as rock climbing on a school rock wall.  Regardless of the style, height, and price of your purchase, a Rockwerx school climbing wall is designed to engage all skill levels of nearly every age. 


Every school rock wall purchase is also loaded with accessories.  Aside from building you a great wall, our staff will also conduct faculty trainings so that you and your staff are completely comfortable with your investment.  All school rock walls also come with a complimentary suggested curriculum of climbing activities and games for all age groups.  Every individual panel comes with a variety of threaded holes that allow climbing holds .to be placed almost anywhere you desire.  Each panel also includes 10 climbing holds and 50 T-nuts for endless route setting combinations.  Want more?  Adventure Systems offers a huge variety of other accessories made especially for kids and schools. 


When considering school rock walls, we suggest first choosing a system that best suits your needs.


Modular Panels:  The most popular choice amongst schools across the country, our Modular Panel systems are inexpensive, durable, and easy to maintain. We understand that schools often have a limited budget with which to create a school climbing wall program. For this reason, we believe the Modular Panel systems are the best solution in the industry.  Adventure Systems offers a variety of modular panels that can be Berkeley Prep - Tampa, FLinstalled vertically or horizontally to create a climbable wall on practically any surface.  For more details on our Modular Panels, contact us.


Framed Wall Panels:  Best suited for middle and high school climbers, our Framed Wall panels can take on radical angles and extreme heights.  Our unique, ¾" concrete coat makes this system extremely durable – perfect for high-use facilities.  A Framed Wall system inside your school  represents a serious devotion to the continual physical education of your students.  Contact us to learn more about our Framed Wall Panels. 


Natural Rock:  Our Natural Rock Systems mimic real rock like no other panel on the market.  A climbing wall comprised of our Summit Rock system will transform your school's wall into the focal centerpiece of your institution.  If you aim to give your students the look and feel of real rock, the Summit Rock system is for you.   To see our complete line of modular panels and pricing click here! 


Still not sure which system is best for you?  Please feel free to contact us, we would love to help you take your school's physical education program to the next level.


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