Design and Engineering

Climbing Wall Design and Engineering

At the most basic level, all Rockwerx walls are made of interconnected panels.  These panels range in size, from 4' x 8' down to one square foot.  Depending on your budget, space, and desired use, our panels can be arranged and configured to almost any shape and size.

Wall Design Options – Consider Every Angle

Rockwerx offers three different styles of panels, each having their own unique attributes and costs.  Between our Modular Panels, framed Gym Rock, and seamless Natural Rock systems, every Rockwerx client can build a wall that will satisfy your needs without exceeding the budget.

Having built hundreds of walls, we find that our customer's needs fall into two basic climbing wall design categories: "off the shelf" and customized.

Most schools, summer camps and recreation centers are best served with "off the shelf" walls (often modified to fit their space).  This less expensive option is well suited for lower traffic facilities that desire the thrill and adventure of climbing without the radical heights and angles of a climbing gym.  Most "off the shelf” style walls are built with 4'x8' panels stacked as high and wide as you like.  Like all Rockwerx panel systems, this style can be extensively customized with our huge selection of climbing holds and accessories.

Meanwhile, fitness centers and other commercial operators often prefer customized solutions.  Our customized panels can take on nearly any shape – perfect for higher traffic walls designed to challenge all skill levels.  A customized solution can also maximize your facilities potential by squeezing fun and engaging climbing into every inch, or incorporating fitness component areas, ideal spaces for programming and competition spectators.  If you want a truly one of a kind climbing facility, our customized solutions are for you.  We consider every angle.

Engineering Your Goals

At Rockwerx, regardless of which paneling style and solution you choose, our goal is to help you reach yours.  We design walls that fit our customer's location, needs, and budget and pride ourselves in finding solutions that get people on the wall of their dreams as fast as possible. Most of our "off the shelf" walls are being used within 30 days of being ordered.

Customized solutions generally take longer, but with a team of designers, builders, and engineers ready; we can guide you through the process quickly and safely. We are members of the Climbing Wall Association and conform to or exceed all standards set forth by the industry. We have dealt with countless permit offices and promise to work closely with your architects and contractors to ensure a quick turn-around.

Our exemplary 3D CAD design allows our customers to view there project in a 360 degree view.  Once complete we can email the files immediately and you can download a free viewer program from the web which will allow manipulation of the image.  Through this detailed process, we help our customers reach a complete understanding of the scope of work and efficiently make any changes before the project is underway.



 Click HERE to take the animated tour of Movement Climbing + Fitness. We hope you become as excited as we are about this gym. Inside you will see a scaled version of the club that will give you an idea of the overall layout.

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