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Rockwerx is a major climbing wall manufacturer with its headquarters in central Massachusetts.  Led by CEO Cort Gariepy, the company has evolved from his own experience building and operating a climbing wall in southern California in the early 1990’s, to become a leading builder of hundreds of commercial and recreational climbing walls across the US.   Rockwerx has helped create some of the most successful climbing businesses in the country in recent years, such as Central Rock Gyms, Gravity Vault, and Evolution, with its primary commercial climbing wall product, Gym Rock.  In addition to making the highest quality seamless textured walls, Rockwerx has grown its business with its Natural Rock and Modular Systems, and is constantly working to offer the best and most innovative products such as new flooring systems and handholds, as well as top-end consulting, routesetting and training services.

Our History

Rockwerx is a leading climbing wall manufacturer in the US, with a diverse history that began with Cort Gariepy, our founder and CEO, building a garage wall in Southern California.  Almost two decades, and a few business iterations later, Rockwerx has a permanent 14,500 square foot fabrication headquarters in the rural woods of central Massachusetts, a full line of climbing wall products and accessories, and hundreds of walls built. 

Rockwerx’s earliest incarnation, Solid Rock Wall Systems, was a partnership between climber Cort Gariepy and builder Scott Hansen, who together started one of the early climbing wall businesses in the country, Solid Rock Gym in San Diego, California.  In the early 90’s, as indoor climbing began it’s fast-paced growth, Solid Rock grew as well, beginning with wall construction projects on the west coast, and expanding quickly to become a leading builder with dozens of projects throughout the country.

In 2000, Cort brought climbing wall manufacturing to his hometown in Barre, Massachusetts and Rockwerx came into form.  In the years that have followed, Rockwerx has continued to design and build the largest and highest quality commercial and recreational climbing wall projects in the US. 

The Rockwerx Team

At Rockwerx, we’ve got a diverse and enthusiastic team of professionals.  We work hard building walls and take pride in our construction.  Our goal is the same as it’s been from the start - to always be building really cool climbing walls and having a great time doing it.  To that end, we work harder and faster than probably anyone in the business, but we also enjoy the finer things, like racing mini-bikes, snowmobiling, and of course, rock climbing!

It’s been said a day in the life at Rockwerx would make for very entertaining reality TV.  Check out our cast of characters… 

Cort Gariepy:  CEO 

Cort Gariepy got his start in the climbing wall industry early on in it’s history and has been a leader in the indoor climbing market ever since.  Cort began rock climbing in 1983 in Southern California and developed his climbing while at San Diego State University, where he was soon guiding SDSU Recreational Department climbing trips to the best crags on the west coast, and led the SDSU program in the design and development of one of the first indoor climbing facilities at a University or College program.

From his first wall project with a few friends in a garage, in 1991, Cort went on to build one of the first National scale competition walls for the US Indoor Climbing Championships in Delmar, California.  Soon after, he and a partner founded SolidRock Wall Systems.  SolidRock was one of the first professional climbing wall builders in the country, constructing the first commercial climbing center in Southern California, SolidRock Gym, and dozens of projects to follow.

Kira Bryant (aka Black Beauty):  Operations Manager 

Kira is Cort’s cousin, and has been a part of the family affair that is Rockwerx for over a couple years now.  Kira does a little bit of everything, from finalizing design aspects with Cort, to off-site project management, and other logistics.  That is, when she is not occupied dying her hair, which she does more frequently than some people change their underwear... Kira has a new baby horse and a 3lb. Chihuahua who is a bit of a local celebrity.  Like all of us at Rockwerx, she works incredibly hard to make amazing things happen, and is proud of the fact that her and Nancy keep Rockwerx on track:  “Do you want to talk to the men in charge, or the women who know what is going on?!” 

Nancy Lindquist:  Bookkeeper (aka Financial Dictator) 

Nancy has been with Rockwerx forever, and manages all things financial for the company.  Our friendly, laid back atmosphere is Nancy’s favorite part of the job and of course, since Nancy works for a climbing wall company, she is categorically not afraid of heights.  Definitely not.

Ralph Rogers (Nunez):  General Manager 

Originally hired as a construction babysitter of sorts, for about 12 years Ralph has been the all around go-to-guy at Rockwerx.  He’s been in construction all his life, worked on the road for us,  in the shop as R and D, and settling in nicely as the General Manager.  We think it’s important to have fun at Rockwerx, give people the ability to make their own schedules, and while on the road, Ralph was psyched to ride dirt bikes and snowmobiles all over the country.  He is also a semi pro disc golfer, and wanna-be Rock Star!


Kaci Holbrook:  Office Manager/Sales/Assistant TO THE General Manager


Kaci is another member of the family. Sisters with Kira, she came on a number of years ago to help out in the office. She has since carved out a nice little niche here at Rockwerx. If you need to get something done, she's your man!

Joe Hamilton:  Shop Foreman 

Ralph hired Joe way back in the day, and for almost as long as Ralph’s been here, Joe has been welding steel and building walls.  He manages construction in the shop and does project management, ensuring everything comes together correctly and gets out the door on time.  In his spare time in the shop, Joe keeps the guys busy and motivated, and in his spare time not in the shop, he likes to dirt bike, sky dive, and blow glass.


Steven Stengal :  Head Road Crew Foreman

Steven (Stengal)  has been building walls with us for many years now, and he can run a crew like no other. He is one of the most disciplined people you will ever meet. that could be one of the reasons he is such a fierce MMA fighter. "Keep Stengal on your good side" is a moto you hear a lot around here...

Charles Brink (aka The Man.. The Closer):  Road Crew Foreman 

Charles has been with Rockwerx for 5 + years, having come to the job with 15 years construction experience.  He’s worked on a number of projects, including the massive construction of our company HQ.  Like most people at Rockwerx, Charles does a bit of everything, but loves the road life overall.  Specifically being on the road (therefore not paying rent…), working on challenging, diverse projects with a fun crew, and hotels in close proximity to the job site… with Jacuzzis.  Charles enjoys the highly corporate atmosphere we invigorate here at Rockwerx - like company snowmobiling.  Get R Done!


Shane Canney:  Road/Shop Crew

Shane is a super hard worker. When he is onsite, look out! Good luck to any of the rookies trying to keep up with him!

Rob Berthoud:  Research and Development

When we tell Bob (Robob) to think outside the box, he first would rather build the box, then figure out a way to get out of it, THEN he can start thinking! When we need to figure out something, be it Gym Rock Lite, or how to make a tool to do WHATEVER you need it to do, Robob is our guy!

Bob Begin:  Design

Bob (Burger) came to us from a strong computer background. Hard working, organized and punctual, Burger was a perfect fit from day 1.  He understands spaces like no other and can work with all the other trades to ensure a smooth design right from the beginning.


Doug Ianuario:  Sales

Doug is originally from Greenville, South Carolina. A proud graduate of Clemson College, and the hardest climber at Rockwerx. Projecting 5.13's, flashing v11, if Doug isn't writting a proposal, he is climbing! You will know if you get him on the phone, that southern accent will give him away for sure. If you happen to meet him in person, ask to see him punch himself in the D!

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